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It's Spring y'all, bring on the Tune Ups!


Our shop's primary focus is bicycle maintenance and repair, and  few restoration projects thrown in the mix. We have a limited but select rotation of bikes on our sales floor geared towards getting around the city; Bulletproof cro-moly frames and componentry from the bike boom era transformed, with upright handlebars and easy to reach brakes. We may have a limited stock, know well that the bikes we sell are built out of a passion for reuse and reliability. 


While you may not find new bikes on the sales floor, we can order from; Raleigh, Fuji, Breezer, SE, Diamondback, Torker, Sun, Evo, Surly, All City, Surly, Cinelli, Soma and Virtue just to name a bunch.


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124 E Long St. Columbus Ohio 43215





Bike Passion


Bicycles are the ultimate form of transportation. A quick google search of comparisons of the efficiency of walking versus cycling versus driving will always land at cycling as the ultimate form of transportation.

I loved riding bikes as kid, and like every other kid we learned we could get away from shit. So bikes for me are all about escaping toxic environments and riding towards the world we imagine to be legit.

We make bikes legit. The bikes we sell are legit. We are too legit to quit. We'll never quit.


See you soon.


Our Mission

       Our Trifecta is Repair, Restoration, and Sales. Our focus is primarily bicycle repair and restoration, but we love tuning and dialing in the bike you love. We'll rebuild all types of bicycles; from Huffys to Schwinns to Treks to whatever beautiful high-end or low-end vintage bikes (see our Allegro or Huffy Tandem builds) that you love. All of the previously-owned bikes we sell are completely overhauled. This includes removal of every part of the bicycle, with special attention to the frame.  We create a Plato-like tabula rasa to mold the final steed. We clean every part, and use a secret(not really) rust removal solution to restore and preserve original components. We polish the externals, and pack the internals with Phil Wood waterproof grease.  Ultimately, we aim to reuse every individual part no matter how small, and without fail we install all new cables, new housing,  new tires, new grip---pretty much any and all essential parts. You get the drift. 

Wanna a NEW bike?! We can order new bikes from Fuji, Breezer, Raleigh, Virtue, Diamondback, SE, and Sun bicycle companies plus many many more (seriously, I need to eventually record them all, so diverse and plentiful Evo, Surly, All City, Avant, um, um...). I still prefer rebuilds....:)